How To Be Good In Bed


How To Be Good In BedWell, let’s think about that for a minute.

Like everything else, you must learn. That’s right. You must learn how to be good in bed.

You ARE NOT BORN knowing how to satisfy another person sexually. It’s true that it comes more naturally to some people than others, but EVERYONE can benefit from a little instruction.How To Be Good In Bed Logo

If sex is not the most enjoyable thing in your life, well, it should be.

You should NEVER let such an important part of your life be unfulfilling. Intimate physical contact with another person makes us feel secure, loved, confident…..not to mention excited. Studies have shown that orgasms are good for us mentally and physically. And you just can’t beat sex for good old-fashioned cardio. You NEED sex!


Here are some tips to make your encounters more satisfying:

1. Leave Your Inhibitions On the Floor With Your Clothes.

Don”t worry about getting baby oil on the sheets or leaving a wet spot in the bed. Give yourself up completely to the act at hand. Block everything out of your mind including bills, jobs, etc. and concentrate on the area of your body that is being stimulated at the moment.

Also, don’t worry about being “deviant”. You would be surprised at what goes on in the bedrooms of your friends and family. What you do is your business and up for scrutiny by anyone else. And a happy sex life makes for a happy life in general.

2. Try Different Roles.

Try being being submissive today and aggressive tomorrow. Maybe you would like role playing. The guy can be the pool man. The girl can be a stripper. Use your imagination. Anything goes as long as it doesn’t do harm to either of you. (I mean both mentally and physically.)

3. Ask Your Partner What Their Fantasy Would Be and Make It Happen.

Being able to talk openly about sex is extremely hot to your partner. It’s a human nature thing. Even shy people get into talking about sex once they give it a try. If you are ready and willing to not only talk about your partner’s fantasy, but also act it out, chances are they will do the same for you.

4. Tell Your Partner Your Fantasies.

You can’t leave yourself out here. If your partner gets exactly what they want, then you deserve the same. So don’t hold back. Tell him or here what you truly want. If you don’t feel comfortable going to extremes at the very beginning, then feel free to work up to the “big stuff”.

5. Get a Copy of the Kama Sutra.

How To Be Good In Bed (Kama Sutra)Don’t just order this, but actually use it. Once you have one mind blowing experience you will be coming back for more…..and more…..and more.  Don’t think of this as work of porn but rather as a manual to a closer and more intimate experience for you and your partner. Plus, the key ingredient to having a good sex life is keeping it exciting and fresh. Nobody wants to do the same old thing over and over. That just gets boring after a while, right? And try not to turn down sex unless you absolutely can’t get worked up into the mood. Having regular sex is another key component to having a great sex life. That never lets the fire completely go out, but allows the embers to always be simmering. Remember, every time you turn down sex is just one less time you will get it during your life!

6. Put the Satisfaction of Your Partner First.

If both of you work hard to please the other, then you will both have a mind blowing experience. Guys, giving your girl a nice long massage first will often relax her, which make the whole experience better for both of you. Girls have a harder time putting stress out of their minds, so this will give her a chance to get into the right mind set before the real fun begins.

Other tips:

 Girls, why not try a Brazilian wax or get some leather lingerie?Also, some of the classic fantasies still work great such as visiting him at work with nothing on except an overcoat or initiating sex in an unexpected place. Most men are turned on by a little aggression in their girls, so don’t be afraid to climb on top or explore the use of sex toys. You might find that you truly enjoy sex toys. (Just don’t let them replace your living, breathing man!)

Guys, meet your girl at the door and carry her to the bedroom. Be sure to light lots of candles in the bedroom to set the mood. You can also cover the bed and/or floor rose petals. By the way, sex for you is right here, right now. For girls it is an all day affair. What I mean is girls like to have a work up to it. Be super sweet and nice to her all day and you will get better sex that night. Leave her a sweet note early in the morning in an unexpected place, then send her a sweet little email or text later in the day.Give her lots of attention and care and she will purr like a kitten for you!

How To Be Good In Bed

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

A healthy sex life is good for your health in every way – mentally, emotionally, and physically.

So want to know how to be good in bed? Well, here is the answer. You go to the authority on “how to be good in bed”. And here he is. You have probably seen him on the Oprah Winfrey show or during one of his many other television and radio appearances. He is an authority on relationships and sex. (I am not going to give you EXACT steps on how to be good in bed when he does it so much better than I can.)

How To Be Good In Bed

Aggressiveness Can Be a Real Turn On In Men AND Women

Simply peruse the offerings to the right and see which one is right for you.

There is a how-to manual for all of your needs. Don’t pass up this golden opportunity!

Before you make a purchase be sure to click through and see the bonuses that are offered for each product. (He offers some good ones!)

Go ahead and treat yourself. Your sex life will be better than could ever imagine!

How To Be Good In Bed Even If You Have Little Experience

Even the ancients used books to help them learn about sex. (Please see Kama Sutra above.)

Experience and practice are always the best tools for learning how to be good in bed, but a nice library of resources is the next best thing. You should treat sex like anything else in your life and research anything you don’t know as it comes up. Anyone who is an authority on sex had to learn it somewhere.

 My partner and I like to make a little game of things. We chose a new position, activity, etc. together ahead of time and build the anticipation before the act itself. This gets your blood boiling well before the festivities begin. Then, by the time the experience actually starts, well, imagine fireworks over our bed! You get the picture.

The other point I am trying to make here, as stated above but important enough to state again, is don’t be embarrassed to talking about sex.




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